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About MMHT

How we got started…

Debra LysyAnimals have always been a passion for me.  It began with a pledge I made to the Sedona Humane Society to help them raise money for their new facility.  It became more difficult to find the time to do volunteer work, but I still wanted to support them in some way. The t-shirts were a fun way to make this happen.  People always asked me why I moved to Sedona and the answer was simple because “Red Rocks Make Me Happy”.  So I combined these two ideas and came up with the concept of selling the shirts to benefit the animals. Then the Tee’s just took on a life of their own.

I branched out into other Red Rock areas and began to grow the idea into a national campaign. Just about anything can make people happy when you think about it and yet, each individual’s happiness is quite personal.  It occurred to me that there were many organizations I could support all over the nation while doing this.  I’ll never forget the thrill of selling my first Caring-Tee, and then another and another.  The excitement of seeing someone wearing our shirt was indescribable.  People loved the concept!  Now there’s no limit to how many charitable organizations we’ll be able to support.

Message from Debra

Debra LysyIt all started on my living room floor. Surrounded by my loving pets, I was filling small bags of dirt, attaching custom hang tags, and putting gold foil stickers on my “Red Rocks Make Me Happy” tees. Somehow I think they just knew it was all for their benefit! 

Later, friends began coming over to pitch in on the production line. We now have a marketing director, business development manager and full staff to run the operation. We’ve bought the equipment, done the research, and hired a team to custom dye, silk-screen, bag, tag and sticker each shirt. 

With dozens of designs and more on the way and a dynamic website to showcase our product, Makes Me Happy Tees is here to stay. It’s about helping people and saving pets’ lives!!! Thank you to everyone who has helped me with my vision to make the world a happier place.

Debra Lysy, Founder

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